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We are known to take the tough cases. The make-or-break cases. The cases where not only people, but entire communities get impacted by the results - because results matter. For more than ..... years, we have tried and litigated difficult, high-stakes civil and criminal cases, obtaining unparalleled results for our clients. 

It's in the nature of tough cases to sometimes end up in the public eye, and our successes have not passed unnoticed- below find a comprehensive list of articles and video coverage of our most notable accomplishments. 

Peter McFarland v. County of Marin | California, April 2011 | $1.9M settlement - a man accuses sheriff's deputy of shocking him with a Taser after refusing to go to the hospital when he fell 

  • Click HERE to read article in SFGate
  • Click HERE to watch video on YouTube

Current Scott News

Judge: San Francisco police justified in shooting man in wheelchair - Wednesday, April 10, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A federal judge ruled San Francisco police were justified in shooting a man in a wheelchair two years ago.

On January 4, 2011 cellphone video of the incident was taken. It shows two officers firing at Randal Dunklin after he had slashed an officer in the shoulder.

The officers say Dunklin continued to be a threat, even after they fired a bean bag at him. Dunklin, who suffers from mental problems, was acquitted of wrongdoing, but filed a civil suit against police for excessive force.

The judge didn't buy it. Dunklin's attorney, John Scott, is outraged.

"Even if the shooting is on videotape and appears to be outrageous, that if a person can somehow claim self-defense, that the person is protected by the law," said Scott.

Dunklin plans to appeal the ruling to the Ninth District Court of appeals.

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